24 July 2022

Bromley Belles play in National Women’s Recreational Festival

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Bromley Belles play in National Women’s Recreational Festival

Last week, 30 Bromley Belles played in a National Women’s Recreational Festival, #COGSEUROFEST22.  The event, which was partly funded by the Women’s Euro 22 Legacy Project, was organised by Carol Bates of Crawley Old Girls. Over 400 women, all aged over 30, embarked on a day of fun and football at the Oakwood FC, Crawley.  

All three teams played in a round robin format, with teams from Staffordshire Soccer Mums in the North to Canterbury Old Bags FC, in the South. Of the 24 games played, the Belles only lost four games – an amazing accomplishment. What was more important though was the amazing atmosphere amongst all of the of the participating teams. It was inspiring to see so many women, of all ages play football in a safe and non-judgemental environment. 

Women and Girls’ Development Officer, Andrea Ellis, who also played in the festival, said: “Having the chance to play in such a brilliant event, with over 400 women is an absolute honour. Most of these women only started playing football at a later stage in their life after not having the opportunity to do so when they were younger. It just proves that you are never too old to start playing football. The Belles have enjoyed every moment of it, and we would like to thank the organisers for doing such a great job”.

If you are aged over 18 and are interested in playing women’s recreational football, we have a range of different sessions for everyone, including our new scheme, FAB, Football for Absolute Beginners.


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