11 February 2019

Club visit Bullers Wood School for Boys

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Club visit Bullers Wood School for Boys

Bromley Football Club were delighted to visit Bullers Wood School for Boys on Monday Morning, to provide a very different start to the week for students!

First team player Richard Brindley and Community Manager Matt Hall attended the event, with Brindley giving an insight into the life of a professional footballer, with a particular focus on the topics of Fitness and Nutrition in Sport.

Mr Collins, head of PE at the school, commented; “We’d like to thank Richard and Matt for coming in this morning and giving up their time to speak to all of the students in Year 7.  I thought it was great and gave a real positive message about being resilient but believing in yourself as a person. The students found it very informative regarding a footballer’s nutrition and fitness and this delivered a positive message about looking after yourself and eating the right things to help in relation to performance. In addition, it was interesting to hear how disciplined Richard has to be on a daily basis. These are all important messages for our boys during their education in all their lessons at Bullers Wood School for Boys.”