11 September 2021

Man v Fat success

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Man v Fat success

Bromley Football Club Community Sports Trust and Man v Fat are delighted to share news that 15 participants of the scheme have lost 5% of their body weight, with two losing 10%!

It comes less than two months into the scheme, which launched in late July. Prior to the start of the project, all spaces were booked up, meaning a waiting list is still in place for next season.

During this campaign, our teams are: Largentina, Hugeventus, Bayern Monster Munchen, Inter Migob, Real Madras and Pork Vale.

Facilitator and coach Ali Syahoui said: “It’s been fantastic to be involved with Man v Fat. The effect on the participants’ mental and physical health has been very clear to see.

When a player reaches a 5% or 10% milestone, seeing their reaction when I deliver the news is priceless, and it also motivates other players to strive for the same results.

All of these guys are on the same journey, meaning they continue to support and encourage each other. I am grateful to play a part in these journeys and am looking forward to seeing more positive results.”

We’re very excited for the remainder of what has been a competitive season, and look forward to welcoming some of the waiting list on board for next season.

Interested in joining for next season? Register your interest here!