28 May 2021

We have a winner!

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We have a winner!

Bromley Football Club are very proud that Katie, a member of our Youth Teams, as well as being a regular Soccer School and Holiday camp attendee, has won a Kent FA competition!

Children aged 6-16 across the county were invited to design a Respect poster to encourage a positive environment across football matches in Kent.

Speaking to the Kent FA, Katie said:

“I think all players should be treated the same. I don’t like it when boys won’t pass the ball to me because I am a girl. This has happened to me and I was upset especially as when I did get the ball, I scored a goal! I think everyone should respect the officials too as most of them are volunteers and just want to make the games better for us. Be kind all the time.” 

The Club will now receive a FA Respect Pack containing a Respect attention board, parent marshal bibs, Respect umbrellas, Respect barrier, captains’ armbands, t-shirts, and beanie hats to help support Respect throughout. 

Lee Suter, Football Development Manager at Kent FA, said: “It is really important that we listen to children who play and love the game. We need to gain an understanding of what the beautiful game means to them, and how important Respect is to them from others including players, volunteers, and parents. We are committed in Kent to improving the behaviour on and off the pitch to ensure the experience everyone has is a positive one.”