10 January 2023

Yoga with Ali

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Yoga with Ali

Bromley FC Community Sports Trust are delighted to be working in partnership with Yoga Ali to provide affordable access to yoga at the home of Bromley FC. 

The classes are an hour long and are taught by a fully qualified yoga alliance registered teacher.

Yoga Ali is a series of sessions for people like you, who would like to try yoga or build a regular yoga practice in an encouraging, safe and open space.

Together we will learn the basics of yoga, breathing and mindfulness but most importantly have fun and make new friends. 

Women and Girls’ Development Officer, Andrea Ellis said “This is a very exciting partnership with Ali to bring affordable yoga sessions to our local community. We know how important physical movement is for people’s wellbeing and to collaborate with Yoga Ali gives the community an opportunity to try yoga, maybe for the first time”.

Ali of Yoga Ali added, “I am super excited to share my love of yoga with our amazing local community by joining up with the awesome Bromley FC Community Sports Trust. I am so incredibly inspired and energised by the Trust’s passion for people, and it’s commitment to the local community. I can’t wait to share this positive energy through yoga, and the movement, mindfulness and positivity which it creates.”

Please note:

When booking on our Class for Kids system you will have to create a profile to book. This will involve you filling out details as if you are a parent and then when asked about your child you will fill out the same details about yourself – therefore making a mini me profile.

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What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.

It focuses on connecting body, breath and mind. yoga is most commonly known for the physical practice of movement and poses (asanas). These build strength and stamina while improving flexibility, balance and coordination. This mindful movement also brings awareness and calm to the mind with a sense of inner energy and wellbeing. 

What will I need?

Yoga is practiced in comfy clothes, in your bare feet on a yoga mat. Sometimes we use props, such as bricks or straps to help us practice safely. If you have your own mat or props, please bring them with you. Don’t worry if you don’t as we do have spare. Wear something comfortable, which you can bend, twist and move freely in. It’s not all about expensive leggings, it’s about getting to know the person inside them!

What can I expect?

Yoga is inclusive, friendly and fun. Yoga does not see age, size, shape or gender. yoga is accessible to all. it is easy to think yoga is for a certain type of person. Yoga is for everyone and you don’t need any equipment or super flexibility to give it a try. You don’t do yoga because you’re flexible – you do it to become more flexible in both body and mind. We will start slowly with simple movements. These will test your flexibility, focus your awareness and connect your body and breath. The mindful practice of yoga will also benefit you in your football, wider life, relationships and physical activities. And if you have an injury or condition, there are modifications which we can use to help you to practice safely.

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