Our Stories: Ali Gray

What is your role at Bromley FC?

I am a the Social Secretary and member of Bromley Belles, the community recreational football session. I joined 5 years ago when Belles was formed.

How long have you been involved in football?

I’ve always loved football but never had the opportunity to play or really be involved earlier on in my life or at school. I used to attend and had a season ticket for Crystal Palace FC. This support started in the early 1990’s after my brother gave me ‘Ladies’ tickets that he received with his season ticket. Once I had my daughter 5 years ago I saw Belles was forming and went along.

What has been your experience of being involved or working in football?

On the whole my experiences have been good being involved in football but it was a shame it took until I was 40 to become involved properly and to be able to play the game regularly with a club. I used to just have kick arounds with my brothers and friends prior to coming to the Belles but there weren’t really any teams or clubs to go to in my earlier years. I used to enjoy going to football matches and watching Palace play but always wanted to play myself. I have enjoyed being one half of the social secretary duo at the Belles. It’s been great fun being involved with such a great bunch of people at Bromley.

What have you enjoyed most about being involved with football?

Feeling part of a great group, making new friends, and having fun whilst playing the game I love.

What advice would you give someone wanting to work or get involved in football?

Go for it. There are plenty of new opportunities now and for Women especially their involvement appears to being going from strength to strength with new initiatives becoming available all the time.

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