Our Stories: Andrea Ellis

Your role at Bromley FC?

Development Officer for Women and Girls, Founder of Bromley Belles, Player and Community Coach.

How long you have been involved in football?

I have always loved football. As a youngster, I was the only member of my family who wanted to play and unfortunately, being a girl, at that time I wasn’t allowed to either join or take part in the school team. 

Your experience of working in football?

As I grew up the opportunities to play just got less. I knew other women wanted to play so I set up a recreational football team just for women aged over thirty. The idea was to encourage women that had maybe stood on the sideline for years watching their own children to now get a chance to play the game they loved. One thing led to another and the team has continued to grow. I also became a coach at the same time and now coach the youngest girls in the Wildcats sessions here. Now as Development Officer for Women and Girls I am focussing on more women and girls to get involved in the game. As a coach, player or referee there are so many opportunities. 

What would be your message to other women and girls who would like to work in football?

My advice is that if you have a dream to work in football you should go for it! Speak to people in the game, volunteer, and get involved. There are so many opportunities. Remember ‘You can only be it, if you see it’ – Be the next role model.

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