Our Stories: Charlotte Richardson

Your role at Bromley FC? 

Marketing Manager 

How long you have been involved in football? 

I’ve been involved with football since I can remember! I always had a ball at my feet from a young age and after hassling my Dad, started going to games with him when I was seven. I volunteered in football before getting my first full time job in the game after graduating when I was 21. I’ve always worked in football since doing a variety of things from marketing and media to administration and washing kit!

Your experience of working in football?

My experiences working in football have been really positive, enriching and rewarding. I believe football is a really powerful tool for trying to make the world a better place to be. I love match days but for me, football is about a lot more. Football has introduced me to lots of fascinating people, enabled me to travel and helped me to make lifelong friends. I owe football a lot. 

What would be your message to other women and girls who would like to work in football?

If you get a buzz from something to do with football, if it puts a smile on your face, energises you and makes you feel good about yourself and the skills or talent you have. Then pursue it. With effort and time, you’ll reap the rewards and enjoy a career that is your passion too. It will never feel like work. 

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