Our Stories: Ciara Davis-Gray

Your role at Bromley FC?

Performance Analyst Intern

My role involves filming and coding games, collecting stats of the game and opposition analysis. I also complete post match analysis and create databases of statistics to reflect our season.

How long you have been involved in football?

This is my first season working in football. I have always loved  football and while completing my degree in sport science it was always my goal to work within football.

Your experience of working in football?

Such a rewarding job that does not compare to any other career success. It is such a unique environment to work in, by being such a close-knit team and all striving for the same goal is completely different to any other job I have had. It is high pressure but that’s all part of the enjoyment as I feel like I am constantly developing and learning. I have loved my season so far and hoping to progress even more as we push through for play offs. 

What message would you like to get over to other women and girls about working in football?

Don’t worry and be patient. Football is such a competitive industry, keep applying and reaching out to people, a lot of the jobs go through word of mouth and you can’t beat a good recommendation. So, keep trying the right job will come and don’t feel disheartened when you get turned down because it happens to everyone. 

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