Our Stories: Claire Bennett

What is your role at Bromley FC?

I am a volunteer as the Girls Secretary for the youth teams. I have been doing this role for about 4 years now.

How long have you been involved in football?

I have been Involved for about 7 years it started when I was a spectator watching both my daughters first play at Club Langley FC, they have now been playing at Bromley for 5 seasons. More teams have been added and there are also more sessions going on for girls and women.

What has been your experience of being involved or working in football?

It has been great to see the growth of girls’ football within the youth side by adding new teams .

What have you enjoyed most about being involved with football?

It is great to see some many girls that I have known for a long time still playing and enjoying football and to see how they have progressed .

What advice would you give someone wanting to work or get involved in football?

Give it a go , I said I would volunteer for a year and I am still here four years later!!

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