Our Stories: Emily Clarke

What is your role at Bromley FC?

I am the First team Sports Therapist.
I have been at Bromley since the beginning of this season. My main roles involve assessing injuries and rehabbing injured players back to full fitness. As well, helping out during match days with pitch side first aid.

How long have you been involved in football?

I’ve been involved in football pretty much my whole life. I’ve played football since I was 5 and therefore have been in the environment for a long time. However, this is my first season working on football, this role at Bromley has given me an insight into the professional side of football.

What has been your experience of being involved or working in football?

My experience has been very positive, I enjoy working with different personalities, it’s the people that you meet that makes the job better.

What have you enjoyed most about being involved with football?

Being a part of a team with everyone aligned to a common goal is something which I am passionate about and really enjoy.

What advice would you give someone wanting to work/get involved in football?

Just do it, be yourself and enjoy the experience.

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