Our Stories: Emma Santer

Your role at Bromley FC? 

Head of Commercial

How long you have been involved in football?

I’ve been working in football for around 14 months.

Your experience of working in football? 

Football is a very inclusive, friendly, and fast paced environment to work in.

What would be your message to other women and girls who would like to work in football?

I had worked in horse racing and cricket before I joined Bromley and I had never even been to a football match.  My message would be that if you want to work in football, go for it.  As a female you will be accepted, which I have certainly found at Bromley FC, and if you don’t know much about the sport, you can always learn.  Don’t be put off that it is seen as a male dominated sport, because football needs more women and you will be accepted.

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