Our Stories: Jayda Palmer-Lockhart

What is your role at Bromley FC?

I am a Community Coach at Bromley FC, coaching girls twice a week. I started helping coaches at Saturday Soccer but had to stop as I was studying for my GCSE. I have been coaching for few months now.

How long have you been involved in football?

I have been playing football on and off since the age of 10. I started by joining football after school club which was ran by Crystal Palace Federation where I was 1 of 2 girls. I then started attending Wildcats on Saturday mornings to improve my skills. I joined Bromley FC U13 girls and have now progressed to my first year in the Academy.

What has been your experience of being involved or working in football?

I’ve had a positive experience coaching and encourage other girls to get involved. The support and encouragement from the other coaches is great!

What have you enjoyed most about being involved with football?

I enjoy showing and teaching the younger footballers new skills and watching them develop each week. I love competing as a team and facing new challenges each week.

What advice would you give someone wanting to work or get involved in football?

My advice would be if you have the passion for football don’t be afraid, get involved, contact your local teams and give it a try.

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