Our Stories: Jess Ainsworth

Your role at Bromley FC? 

I am a community coach & grassroots referee.

How long you have been involved in football? 

Football has been a massive part of my life for over 10 years, originally starting off as a fan and eventually moving into coaching & refereeing.

Your experience of working in football?

Being a woman in a majority male environment has its challenges, but I am really enjoying this experience. Through my role in football I’m able to utilise my passion for the sport, whilst hopefully inspiring and encouraging other girls and women to get involved with football at any level. I think it’s really important that young girls are provided with role models both on and off the pitch to show that their participation is valued and respected.

What would be your message to other women and girls who would like to work in football?

My main message to other women and girls would be to encourage them that football is a sport for everyone and to get involved in whichever way they can! Therefore I hope that as I continue my journey, I am able to increase my visibility within women’s football at Bromley and encourage others to get on board

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