Our Stories: Megan Carter

Your role at Bromley FC? 

Head of Food and Beverage. I look after the Catering across the whole stadium and am very excited to be opening the new Bar and Kitchen, Broomfields next month.

How long you have been involved in football? 

Not that long but I have been involved in the event, catering and hospitality industry for 10 years. I previously worked for Reading Football Club as Hospitality Manager in 2015. I have also managed high profile restaurants, private boxes and VIP suites at top sporting venues around the UK including Liberty Stadium, Principality Stadium, Wimbledon, Ryder Cup and various racecourses. 

What would be your message to other women and girls who would like to work in football?

There are so many opportunities in football both on and off the pitch where you can still turn your passion for sport into a career. Remember every player, manager and supporter needs to be fed so there will always be a food role at football clubs!

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