Bromley Kia

Bromley KIA become Bromley FC Community Sports Trust partnerBromley FC Community Sports Trust are delighted to announce that Bromley Kia have agreed to become our latest partner.

Our latest partners are the largest retailer of Kia vehicles in the network throughout Surrey, South London & Kent. They were founded in 1952 and continue as a family-owned business throughout Kent and South London.

Bromley Kia have provided the Trust with a community car to be used across the wide-ranging work of the Trust.

Peter Browne, Sales Manager at Bromley Kia, said: “Bromley Kia is proud to announce itself as a partner of the Bromley FC Community Sports Trust for the 2023/2024 season.

“Through this collaboration, Bromley Kia is delighted to be able to support its local community through the medium of sport.

“We would like to thank the Trust for the wonderful opportunity to support each other both now and in the future.”

Matt Hall, Head of Community, added; “I am delighted that Peter and the team at Bromley Kia have partnered with us. Their support will make a huge difference to our ability to perform outreach work, and our core team will now be able to use the, branded Kia C’eed to venture out into the Community and carry out our work.

“Peter’s enthusiasm and understanding of our values and ethos went a long way towards forming this partnership, and it gives us great excitement as we look to the future”.

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