Aurelie Laidouni

Aurelie Laidouni

Senior Coach

Nationality: French

Coach or Player Idol: Riyad Mahrez

Playing position: Winger/CAM

Interest & Hobbies: Movies, Yoga, Reading, spending time with my children

Pets: None

Team I support: No specific team, I just like watching good football!

My Journey: I didn’t like football when I was young, hated it if I am honest. Every single Sunday I was going to watch my Dad, but I was more interested in doing the cheerleading. I fell in love with the game gradually when my boys started playing and I LOVE it now!

My coaching journey started by volunteering and helping out, I then enrolled into the 100FC Female Coaching program and decided to get qualified as far as I can go.

I love being a role model for girls and giving them opportunities to play the beautiful game in a safe environment.

I am also playing with the Belles and participating in festivals and 5-aside sessions

Bromley FC association period: 1year 10months

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